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"The Geek Will Inherit the Earth!"

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Saturday, June 20


Sunday, June 21

Café Moskau

Café Moskau
Karl-Marx-Allee 34
10178 Berlin

Saturday, June 20

  • 10:00AM - Doors open

  • 11:00AM - Intro talks

  • 12:00PM - Lunch

  • 01:00PM - Hacking starts

  • 06:00PM - Dinner

Sunday, June 21

Berlin Judges_

  • Profile

    Tim Messerschmidt

    Head of Developer Advocacy


  • Stefan

    Stefan Hoth

    Android Software Craftsman


Help your community
win an epic axe trophy
and a chance at 100K USD

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[ Trophy ]

The Axe

Yes, it’s long. Yes, it’s sharp. And yes, YOU will OWN this. Good luck clearing customs!


[ 1st Prize ]

A chance at $100K USD

Flight and Hotel to the World Finals in Silicon Valley, and a chance to win the Grand Prize --- $100,000 USD, no strings attached.


[ 2nd Prize ]


Get your game on with one of the newest and most immersive gaming consoles available!


[ 3rd Prize ]

Adafruit ARDX v1.3 Kit

Tap into the grid and take your hardware hacks to the next level of awesomeness!

[ Early Birds ]

Spark Core

Rise and Shine! Our first 25 ticket holders in the door get a Spark Core! Master your skills and conquer the digital frontier.



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  • 05d7d2e5c7cc2020bfa44368f696872c?

    aan b.

  • 3c8daa8a1bb9aeb110ef75420c01490b?

    Albert A.

  • A7ea2a7933182a1cf635bd5c97b3b191?

    Alberto V.

  • F682dc32d64fd458a93bf42f2d69fc49?

    Alexander H.

  • 901d32439fc4003956ac09e0baf38915?

    Alexander J.

  • A25fbdaae4580cc05abaf8f74006a94d?

    Alexander P.

  • 5278b4b4a737bc4db67f781a0683dbba?

    André G.

  • Bd8392c271eb095b8453b7737084d4a5?

    Andreas L.

  • F4cf88af46c04f01ac79f7b4c9eedb2b?

    Andreas S.

  • 56ccd6a56696b92fe8e40c20440ef035?

    Andreas C. O.

  • 4407dd05a8bf4d1095e676618e9b1804?

    Andrey M.

  • E2508cfad6c22ba6fb3614c32dced6c0?

    Andrey O.

  • B62cec181a92c4fc8a8c6927c6b44a1e?

    Anna Lilja L.

  • 7f2af6899c8cd8d60ca532a869f40051?

    Ansgar S.

  • 1a29387fc474288e037e77a0f233d951?

    Anthony M.

  • 59316576819177b7577d16481c96c6c5?

    Anton K.

  • 2765eced16b2afbb5f1dead1f1fe1e53?

    Arman H.

  • D1dfec96d9e66a5022e9d90d1ef288a5?

    Artur C.

  • 54fabd850ebed1af7f73e0413b71eb0a?

    Askar A.

  • 86bd0b7b0d04acafc4b0876740071d89?

    Aulon K.

  • Eafb91674442b169abd2a8db00e9fea6?

    Bartosz H.

  • 8198b4102325049841ebf7031840e310?

    Benjamin S.

  • 3e81b942c6be327b9d59db27fcbf12a6?

    Benjamin W.

  • 66d863ad05a1af75a0e3c5cedc816943?

    Boris B.

  • 5e4b8753692fb5e61b57fcde041c25e7?

    Carlos M.

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    Cedric M.

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    Chandan J.

  • 7208cb9fe86a7456ef340054c0411b30?

    Christian D.

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    Christian K.

  • D434df2b8e5fe46e606eddeb1276f688?

    Christoph N.

  • 85e39f188c4520a07827a3f5749e29b9?

    Clemens B.

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    Cornelia S.

  • 67c02630d9d06b3834ca314a0a84ffee?

    Cornelius R.

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    Daniel M.

  • Db2a566f01747db449a2137b01efaaef?

    Daniel R.

  • E2780f39c62b93dc636729b28d4d95e4?

    Danylo F.

  • Bcd6647711daba91dbaf0c3f105df4a8?

    Dapeng L.

  • C6ecf980711506118e43f98ae0cd1f77?

    david p.

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    David S.

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    Denis R.

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    Denny W.

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    Dierk E.

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    Dimitar B.

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    Dimitri S.

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    Dominik K.

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    Eduard H.

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    Edward M.

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    Elisa B.

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    Emilia K.

  • 3c246fe169639a37927a5a6fce833ac2?

    Emily W.

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    Emmanuel A.

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    Enrico F.

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    Eric L.

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    erik w.

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    Erik A.

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    Ernesto R.

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    Erol C.

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    Etiene D.

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    Fabian M.

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    Felix W.

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    Florian P.

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    François B.

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    Frank K.

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    Georg N.

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    Grzegorz J.

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    Grzegorz P.

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    Han Tek F.

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    Heiko H.

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    Hoa H.

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    Horia P.

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    Horia-Mihai B.

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    Ian B.

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    Igncy W.

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    Ionut-Catalin B.

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    Jakob L.

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    Jakub A.

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    Jakub B.

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    Jakub P.

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    Jakub S.

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    Jan B.

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    Jan E.

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    Javier E.

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    Jens R.

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    Joachim L.

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    Joe W.

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    Johann Q.

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    Johanna L.

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    Johanna W.

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    Johannes K.

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    John M.

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    John S.

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    Jonas K.

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    Jonathan G.

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    Jordi G.

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    Julian V.

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    Kamil P.

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    Karol P.

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    katie M.

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    Katsiaryna F.

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    Kevin B.

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    Kryspin A.

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    Krystian K.

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    Krzysztof K.

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    Laura S.

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    Liling T.

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    Lucas G.

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    Maksim S.

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    Malin S.

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    Malixxer E.

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    Marcin B.

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    Marcin G.

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    Marcin K.

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    Marcin N.

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    Marco K.

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    Marcos D.

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    Marek G.

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    Maria S.

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    Marianna J.

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    markus l.

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    MArkus F.

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    Martin K.

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    Mateusz C.

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    Mateusz G.

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    Mathieu D.

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    Matthias J.

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    Matthias V.

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    Maura W.

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    Max V.

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    Maxim L.

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    Maximilian G.

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    Michael S.

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    Michal H.

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    Michal H.

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    Michał B.

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    Michał O.

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    Mihriban M.

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    Mike G.

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    Miriam M.

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    Mischa B.

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    Mohamed M.

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    Moritz v.

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    mourad m.

  • A934a282d457e696398152be79fa1d9d?

    Mouse B.

  • C18b56c017c8bb7efc64e220b0419b19?

    Mykyta K.

  • 84296cda8943b0d77231ed048bf93028?

    Nauris K.

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    Nial A.

  • 4e5c9e0168796043cfc35d74845fa273?

    Nico Z.

  • 08ce7e577bd8e5a8fd4996c3081d582d?

    Nicolas B.

  • 67938a545603483f18c5faf3f162a154?

    Nina L.

  • C8cde2d1dd37624da5299ed60882537e?

    Nishant R.

  • 9e93f82d05c6c6da1b37d27fcf480158?

    Oktawian C.

  • 81a2fc8e39e17a2d545519eb8b94b0d2?

    Oleg S.

  • F071939cfd6fdd08a8399bf9a7a96fa2?

    Oleksiy S.

  • 70ba387070a65aee125f5955d9fba9dd?

    omar g.

  • 169488c38cd494c66c91a600326dedfb?

    Ondrej S.

  • 1a543603c6a61c53b5a0afcef3c7b898?

    Pawel J.

  • 68dc589a319e1284990ad8b4c4c70968?

    Phil E.

  • 17d48ab7226b620a6203ab399bfa33ce?

    Philip H.

  • D32eff58c08e881cb7418d143d16fed5?

    Philip S.

  • 040bbee22f1adb62533f7f8e8e3ee139?

    Philipp V.

  • F826ebe75e727f4fc20f22a719524271?

    Philipp W.

  • 93a8268ded9ef8da95304c162f94506f?

    Philipp-Alexander B.

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    Pilar M.

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    Raphael P.

  • 76575d54af244546b00724ece09e6de7?

    Rashiq Z.

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    Robert D.

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    Robert L.

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    Roman L.

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    Sandra K.

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    Sebastian K.

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    Sebastian M.

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    Sebastian S.

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    Sergiej S.

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    Shabbar R.

  • D7d7994da94e6b10d7468d5c2e4f9fea?

    Shaun D.

  • 818e603f2af987bdd2d422ed04e804a4?

    Silke W.

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    Stefan B.

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    Stefan E.

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    Stephan K.

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    Stephan R.

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    Sven G.

  • 99affaf8e481c65c538e8d217e75efbd?

    Svetlana S.

  • 1eba65257f245dca609b7d9395d24e65?

    Tammo B.

  • Cbd1a56ff86ecb4a17528314247e9e43?

    Thomas L.

  • 5ea05e669cc558c0b885a130265651ae?

    Thomas S.

  • E4c6418a6e148941f828fee5dcb95a73?

    Thorsten M.

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    Tom K.

  • B7c2572cebb5ca0e0511f2e65a6ce85e?

    Tom Z.

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    Tomasz B.

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    Tomasz D.

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    Tomasz W.

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    Udo K.

  • 5317de82f36df84e873b0749616e81e9?

    Ulrich K.

  • Ce72ba2b9b401f942da67529303b252c?

    Ulysses H.

  • 17b12c88d67d0e515a8e6d9b19c47775?

    Valentin S.

  • 9c8d5b1d7f3f3c4c5b013ffae9c4837c?

    victor G.

  • 6bcac133c4925513db38c619dc0b024a?

    Viktor F.

  • 0ba0722c26b762ef5f8c2e1a0157ffc3?

    Wojciech K.

  • 8db9f04dca80c9f02fa4d3b2d7604072?

    Wojciech L.

  • C7aa419d5e5694a7b9beb2a6547b57d2?

    Wojciech P.

  • 8ad7035030d40b8b3ffb7ced21585bad?

    yu l.

  • F47500e2349de37a3e975e1eeb3905b3?

    yuanyuan d.

  • Afc01c068bd26b2e44e66cdd6d2355fc?

    Zans M.

  • 13adea1cf118d92b62059c4d584fcee9?

    Zuzanna K.

Finals lockup

November 14th-15th

A true global competition where the City Champions face off, compete, conquer and claim $100,000 USD and the title of The Ultimate Hackers For Good.


  • How do I register?

    Select your city of choice from the list. Registration is open 24/7. May the best hack team win!

  • Can I bring a team?

    Yes, you can bring your friends or team up with other hackers on site. You can hack solo, or in a team of a maximum of 4 members. No matter what you choose, be ready to battle!

  • What kind of code can I write?

    All breeds of code welcome.

  • Do I need to integrate PayPal, Braintree or Venmo into my hack?

    Yes, PayPal, Braintree or Venmo must be the sole payment method included in your hack in order to be eligible for the BattleHack competition.

  • How to win $100,000 USD

    Win a City BattleHack. Get flown, fed and cared for at our World Finals. Beat all other City Champions with code that impresses everyone on the planet. Be crowned the Ultimate Hackers For Good.

  • How is the hack structured?

    BattleHacks are full of 24+ hours of awesome stuff. In general, on Day 1 registration opens, you arrive, scope and share skills, create teams, meet judges, and then our gong hits and hacking begins. Add gourmet food, food and more food. Hack through the night, or grab a nap, beer break, and maybe even a massage or two. On Day 2, we have rehearsals, more food, and hack till you hear our gong, signaling the end of hacking! Teams present their apps, judging occurs and prizes are awarded.
    Check your BattleHack City’s registration page for specific timeline details.

  • What can we win?

    Glory! Fame! And oh yeah, you get some other good stuff! First place winners get our epic axe, flight and hotel accommodations to the World Finals in Silicon Valley, and a chance to $100K USD, no strings attached. Fear not, there's a slew of other goodies, and of course local partner prizes, and all our BattleHack swag!

  • Do you own my hack?

    No, this puppy is yours, born and bred from BattleHack love. BattleHack is for you to have some fun, do some good -- and have a chance to win $100K USD.

  • Should I bring my pyjamas?

    Expect to stay overnight, so bring whatever you need to get you through a 24-hour hackfest. We’ll provide some sleep spaces for those who need to crash or when energy drinks start to ebb. Remember you are in a public forum, so do cover up.